The School Collective


Develop and enhance your observation process using custom rubrics and templates, attaching video and photo examples to help drive instruction.

Lesson Planning

Streamline lesson plan sharing and collaborative planning and organize your teachers' plans to create your school curriculum.


Give feedback to teachers at every level of the planning and observation process and provide administrators with feedback on their coaching practice.


Spark conversation between your team members to support teacher professional development, showcase quality resources and highlight best practices.


Roll up lesson plan and observation data to provide insights into the relative strengths of your team and enable you to identify strategic opportunities for professional development.

On-Site Support

Use a customized implementation plan, including differentiated training sessions and on-going techinincal support, to ensure successful roll-out in your school.



"Subscribe to our Tech support channel for quick tutorials. Each time you view one, you move closer to "TSC Guru"!"

Friday 2nd 11:00

"Revisiting Act 82...How can we help?"

Friday 2nd 09:45

"Hurricane Joaquin, the Eagles defense, and Dunkin Donuts closures tops the news in Philly. Creative lesson plans discussing current events?"

Thursday 1st 14:55

"When was the last time you checked out our Pinterest site? We have several boards which can help you immensely!"

Thursday 1st 14:10

Zulette  Henry

Zulette Henry


Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman


Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman

week 6

Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman

Day 1

Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman

Day 2

Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman

Day 3

Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman

Day 4

Jacob Melman

Jacob Melman

Day 5


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