The School Collective


Develop and enhance your observation process using custom rubrics and templates, attaching video and photo examples to help drive instruction.

Lesson Planning

Streamline lesson plan sharing and collaborative planning and organize your teachers' plans to create your school curriculum.


Give feedback to teachers at every level of the planning and observation process and provide administrators with feedback on their coaching practice.


Spark conversation between your team members to support teacher professional development, showcase quality resources and highlight best practices.


Roll up lesson plan and observation data to provide insights into the relative strengths of your team and enable you to identify strategic opportunities for professional development.

On-Site Support

Use a customized implementation plan, including differentiated training sessions and on-going techinincal support, to ensure successful roll-out in your school.



"“Sustaining a Culture of Learning for Educators” by OfficeofEdTech"

Saturday 30th 16:15

"Sad thing is that this post could have been written 5 years ago . . ."

Thursday 24th 11:45

"Personalizing from the Perspective of Special Ed (via"

Monday 14th 09:29

"Why not all edtech is right for our schools. The overselling of ed tech"

Monday 14th 09:28

Robin Brown

Robin Brown


Caitlin Stahlhut

Caitlin Stahlhut

Fishbowl speaking checklist

Robin Brown

Robin Brown


Carla Keyser

Carla Keyser

Flag Project Rubric


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