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the school collective was first developed by a team of MBA students at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School in the spring of 2008.

Alyson Goodner, Christie George,William Delaszlo, Sebastian Stoddart and Joe McCarthy came together to develop a social enterprise that would be self sustainable while making significant social impact.

By using innovation to improve the quality of teaching and collaboration among schools the team believed that the school collective would mark a significant shift in the way teachers collaborated and communicated, improving teacher quality and ultimately student achievement.

The project received distinction at Oxford and went on to be nominated for several awards, winning the Ideas2Market award in 2009. By this time Alyson Goodner and Sebastian Stoddart had started building the online tool and had selected a group of schools and teachers to begin building the network.

For more information on our story please see our blogs here.

Sebastian Stoddart


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